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Because we want to make sure that your travel leaves only positive impacts, for you

as well as Tanzania, we are committed to organize our safaris according to the philosophy  we call


 GreenHippo Aware



  • We promote active, slow travel safaris in wildlife areas are, for obvious reasons, mostly done by car, but it is possible to experience wildlife safely, while walking, biking or horse riding. It takes a bit more effort but the experience is well worth it.

  • We promote engagement with various local communities by selecting accommodations and activities  that are actually organized and carried out by these communities. 

Wildlife Care

  • We are sensitive to animal behavior and stress, which means staying at an appropriate distance from animals

  • We discourage touching and petting

  • We discourage visiting wild animals in captivity for entertainment

  • ​We partner with wildlife  care and rescue organizations in Tanzania and give our client's the possibility to visit these organizations

  • We follow and report on the wildlife care and rescue activities in our blogs and we educate our staff and clients on the various aspects of wildlife care and rescue in Tanzania

Alternative ways

  • We are always on the look out for more  diverse and environmentally friendly menus in our selected accommodations. We do this by assisting our  hotel and lodge with vegetarian and vegan recipes and supplying them with feedback from our clients

  • Actively looking for alternative ways to supply water to guests e.g. introducing car water stations and assisting with water treatment rooms in our selected hotel and lodges'

  • Introducing and promoting alternative and fair trade Tanzanian products by exposing our guest to local alternative producers and development projects

  • Developing  new ways of low impact wildlife viewing structures, using local construction techniques and materials;

  • We brief and educate our staff, partners and guests in animal behavior and best wildlife practices

  • We write and publish in our blogs about news and activities from the world of wildlife care and rescue.


We are always looking for ways to reduce

  • Plastic by avoiding plastic water bottles, plastic bags, disposal plastics like cling wrap, straws, coffee cups etc. and by promoting plastic recycling where we can

  • Discouraging the use of concrete in the the National parks by only placing our guests "under Canvas". These tented camps combine comfort with low environmental impact and with a more direct wildlife experience

  • We reduce our co2 footprint by promoting and organizing trips with , less driving and  less flying  

  • We reduce waste accumulation in National Parks by following a "what ever you bring in we will bring out" policy

​​​Eco friendly

We carefully select only small scale lodges and hotels for our clients  that,

  • pay attention to proper waste disposal / recycling

  • have an active environmental management plan that is yearly audited

  • have a community based approach

  • promote low water and electrical use and

  • offer as much as possible a local, organic product menu with a variety of plant based options  


  • If you are selecting a tour company, ask how they minimize environmental impacts and contribute to the local economy in order to support the greenest business practices

  • Bring your own water bottle to refill in cars and lodges

  • Minimize disposable items 

  • Plan on bringing back everything you bring in

  • Avoid disposable batteries, think about getting a solar battery pack, there are really small  ones on the market now

  • Avoid bringing chemical based insecticides

  • Think about bio degradable soap and shampoo

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