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App-ing in the Bush

Updated: May 20, 2019

Are you travelling soon? There are a lot of free travel apps. We put some useful and our favorites here for you.

XE Currency

Easy to convert effortlessly prices and currencies so you know exactly how much you pay for your souvenir or purchase.

Google Translate

Download Google Translate before coming to Tanzania. In the menu you will see the option “offline languages”, when the round is blue, the language is downloaded. Easy!

Duo Lingo

Learn the Swahili basics with this fun app and you will know how to greet and have a small talk with the people you meet during your safari.

Google photos

We are sure you will make a lot of photos while in Tanzania. What is your phone is full? With Google Photos you can upload all pictures to the cloud. Also, in case anything happens to your phone, your pictures are still there.


During the safari you will make a lot of pictures to share your experiences with your family and friends. Smart phones these days make high resolution photographs but miss the professionalism of a real camera. Nik Software found a solution: Snapseed. A mini Photoshop for your smartphone, to easily edit your photos using the many customization options.


This app will track your route and the places that you have visited during your safari. While travelling it traces where you are going. Only GPS is required, no internet. If you make an account, you can share your trip with family or friends, or get inspiration from other travelers.


Make cheap phone calls around the world without using the internet. Family and friends can be called for free if they are also using the app.


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