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We are Offsetting our Emissions

GreenHippo Travels is reducing its footprint.

We offset the estimated carbon produced by all our safaris with Carbon Tanzania.

Carbon Tanzania is a Tanzanian social enterprise that works with indigenous communities in rural Tanzania to protect community-owned forests.

Carbon Tanzania is currently implementing three forest conservation projects in Tanzania. The projects work with hunter-gatherer tribes, pastoralist groups and farmers.

All three projects share the following traits:

1. protect large areas of natural forest that are wildlife-rich,

2. connect protected areas to one another,

3. and enhance conservation outcomes by increasing the areas of forest available for biodiversity to thrive.

GreenHippo Travels offsets its Tanzanian vehicle emissions by buying credits with Carbon Tanzania twice a year. By purchasing carbon credits from the Yaeda Valley Project, we help the Hadza community to protect their forests, land rights, cultural identity and wildlife.

If you would like to offset your international flights to Tanzania during your trip, you can do so on the Carbon Tanzania offset page.


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