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Green Travel in Tanzania


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Why GreenHippo

GreenHippo Travels is based in Tanzania and has an intimate knowledge of the country and its people. We are a committed and well connected team of passionate people that strive to provide you with memorable and genuine travel experiences, by showing you the great variety of nature Tanzania has, by helping you to travel sustainably and by respecting and supporting local communities and their culture.

Why travel with us?

All itineraries are planned with Responsible and Green Travel  in mind

  • We are knowledgeable, caring and pay attention to detail

  • We are based in Tanzania so we are closely involved in all aspects of your trip

  • We are a diverse team of Dutch, American and Tanzanian nationals

  • We will communicate with you in either English, Dutch, German or French

  • We try hard to make sure you have the best experiences possible

  • We promote Green Travel and Responsible tourism in Tanzania

  • We work as much as possible with small scale, local partners

  • We will be completely honest with you

  • We enjoy what we are doing

" If you think small things do not make a difference

try sleeping with a mosquito  "

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Why are we green

There are many companies that organize Safaris in Tanzania,

however, there are not many that organize Safaris with a strong emphasis on small scale, local and green travel.

Green Hippo is   AWARE


Wildlife care

Alternative ways

Reducing waste

Eco friendly


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Our Partners

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